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Welcome to The Priestess Temple of Tantra Massage & Sensual Massage

Welcome to The Priestess Temple of Tantra Massage & Sensual Massage

Receive a loving & healing Tantric Massage and feel relaxed, reborn, recharged and reconnected to the Universal life pulse. 


Receive a loving & healing Tantric Massage and feel relaxed, reborn, recharged and reconnected to the Universal life pulse. 

About Us


Healthy Well-Being

Our massage therapists put your needs first so you feel better as soon as possible.  In bliss, only love exists. In Tantra these bodies are our gifts to awaken and realize Heaven, Nirvana, Supreme Bliss, Shambhala all here now


Therapists Who Care

In order to provide you with the best experience, we will match you with the right therapist for your specific issue. We will have all Therapist Dakinis bios and images available onsite when you arrive to select your session. Amber Parvati is the Owner & Curator of this Temple. She is also available.

AMBER PARVATI: I am here to meet you on a loving, lavish, sensual adventure.

You will find that I am as intelligent and experienced, as I am kind and caring. I combine just the right combination of  energy therapy and skill, to guide you to the gateway of trust, remembrance, bliss, and Holy Love.

 I am the definition of a modern day Goddess.

Whether you are seeking stress relief from a hard day's work, looking to completely surrender to the ultimate Tantric experience, or are simply seeking an authentic, nourishing escape for yourself, I aim to hold space for whatever you desire. Here, we create an honest approach to bettering your life through freedom of physical expression, in a warm, comfortable, and non-judgmental atmosphere. I encourage a genuine experience, and welcome the request for true one-on-one connection.

Until we meet, xoxo

Amber Parvati

7 years Temple of Bliss Healer experience

Body of Bliss Therapy   Tantric Bodywork   Couples & Doubles


Experienced Knowledge

Our Tantra massage therapists can assess your needs so you get the perfect Sensual massage you'll love. For more information on the School of Tantra Amber learned from, go to Temple of Bliss & Holy Love.


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Our Offerings

Body of Bliss


While the Kundalini Body of Bliss Therapy IS Tantric, as the recipient you are in a horizontal & passive receptive space, rather than sitting up or interactive. 

We blend our bodywork styles with full body-to-body flowing strokes, moving the energy continuously around your body; deep, strong, light and soft... Kundalini Body of Bliss Therapy is Sacred Temple Bodywork, our unique loving, shamanic & holistic version of Hawaiian Temple Bodywork. We invite you to be embraced fully in to "the wings of the Dove", our wings, with Love. 

While you are invited to express your needs before and during the session, here in this session you are encouraged to go on an inward journey to experience the healing more deeply to allow yourself to enter a loving shamanic trance.

- as learned from the "Temple of Bliss" 

Tantric bodywork


Tantric Bodywork combines the Kundalini Body of Bliss with various additional active tantric principles. The intention of our Tantric Bodywork sessions is to explore in a mutually dynamic interactive way.

We will play with tantra ~ beginning by opening our hearts through eye-gazing and dropping into an Ocean breath (slow deep breathing where you can hear the breath as it flows through the back of your throat), while sitting together in yab-yum(lover's yoga pose).

After dropping into the moment, we will engage in conversation about how the session will unfold and any specific tantric principles that you may wish to experience and learn from. Here I would like to express that our Temple's Tantric Sessions are more experiential than conversational, unless verbal coaching is specifically requested. 

- as learned from the "Temple of Bliss"

Couples / Doubles


Are you looking for a deeper, richer, fuller experience with your beloved, taking you to new heights of spiritual communion together? Do you feel the desire, the yearning for more adventure in your sharing of your love?

Couples Bliss Sensual Massage & Tantra Massage sessions are about cultivating the Art of Intimacy, with your heart, your body, your hands, your eyes, the entire being; spiritually, physically, emotionally, ecstatically.

Are you looking for a delicious new experience of feeling all of your senses & chakras activated while being blessed head to toe by 4 hands? Then a Doubles Bliss/Tantra session is an exquisite loving journey not to miss! Surrender to the capable hands of two women.

- as learned from the 

Temple of Bliss"

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The Priestess Temple of Tantra

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